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Big Bill Glover

Big Bill Glover

Full Name
William "Big Bill" Glover Sr.
Brenda Glover (wife),

Little Bill Glover (illegitimate son), Bobby Glover (son), April Glover (daughter), Fuchsia Glover (niece), Al Glover (brother), Vanessa Glover (sister), Gary Kendall (brother-in-law),

Deborah Kendall (sister-in-law),
Sexual preference
Male ♂
60 (age in 2019)
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Skin Color
Eye Color
"Big" Bill Glover is the father of Little Bill. Big Bill is the kind of dad that relishes time with his children. A civil servant who inspects buildings for the city, Big Bill looks forward to dinner with the family, talking with the kids, and falling asleep in his recliner, listening to his precious jazz record collection. He encourages his children to dream big and reach for the stars. His dream is to open an eclectic jazz record shop that only deals in vinyl. Until then he works hard, saves his money, and keeps an eye out for a house in the suburbs with grass and trees for a hammock. He is voiced by Gregory Hines.