I Got A Letter is an episode.


When Little Bill helps Big Bill bring in the mail one afternoon, he asks how people get mail addressed to them. His father points out that in most cases, if you write a letter, you receive letters, so Little Bill chooses to write a letter to one of his friends. He draws a picture for Andrew , and Big Bill helps him address the envelope. A few days later, Andrew comes to school very excited and shows the class the letter Little Bill wrote. All the other children ask Miss Murray to teach them how to write letters, too. The next time Little Bill helps his father bring in the mail, Big Bill points out that Little Bill received letters from Kiku , Andrew and Fuschia. Little Bill decides to write his friends right back.


  • When Big Bill shows Little Bill the envelopes so he can see the address, none of them have a city, state, or zip code listed, and the return address only has the sender's name instead of a full address.



  • Andrew's last name is Mulligan.