If a Bird Rings, Answer It is an episode.


While Brenda and the kids are walking home from shopping, they stop to answer a ringing pay telephone. Brenda finds it unusual to find nobody on the other end, until Little Bill notices the phone isn't ringing-- there's a parrot sitting on top of the booth imitating the phone's ring. The parrot, whom Brenda christens "Phone Dog" because the bird likes to mimic phones ringing and a dog bark, flies to Little Bill's shoulder when he makes the same noises. Despite pleas from the children to keep the bird, Brenda insists that such a talented bird must belong to someone and that they should find its owner. Brenda and Little Bill decide to consult Mr. Percy, and notice a "Lost Pet" poster in his store with a photo of Phone Dog, whose real name is Lorraine. Mr. Percy happily calls Lorraine's owner to let her know the Glovers found her parrot.