Date ReleasedEdit

  • September 24, 2002

Episode FeaturedEdit

  1. Merry Christmas Little Bill
  2. Summer in the Wintertime
  3. Snowracers

Opening PreviewsEdit

  1. Coming to Videocassette and DVD Logo
  2.  Charlotte's Web/Charlotte's Web 2 Teaser Trailer
  3. Now Available on Videocassette and DVD
  4. Nickelodeon Holiday Videos Trailer
  5. Rated G MPAA Screen
  6. Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Trailer
  7. Spongebob Squarepants VHS and DVD Trailer
  8. Paramount 90th Anniversary Feature Presentation/Warning Screen
  9. Paramount Home Entertainment Logo (90th Anniversary Variant)
  10. Nick Jr. Kids Opening Bumper
  11. Nick Jr. Face Loves Snow
  12. "Merry Christmas Little Bill"
  13. Nick Jr. Face Travels
  14. "Summertime in the Wintertime"
  15. "Snowracers"

Closing PreviewsEdit

  1. Nick Jr. Kids Closing Bumper
  2. Little Bill Credits (Merry Christmas, Little Bill)
  3. Little Bill Credits (Summertime in the Wintertime/Snowracers)
  4. Nick Jr Productions Logo (2000-2005)
  5. Nick Jr. Bears Logo from What Story Does Blue Want To Play & What is Blue Trying To Do.
  6. Nickelodeon Bone Logo
  7. Paramount Home Entertainment Logo (90th Anniversary Variant)