Merry Christmas Little Bill is a Television movie. It originally aired on December 3, 2001.


As the Glover family is getting ready for Christmas, Little Bill is worried that Alice the Great, who is visiting her cousin in Cincinnati, Ohio, won't get back home in time for the holiday. They begin to go caroling at their houses. They first go caroling at Fuschia's house, then Kiku's house, then Monty's house, then Andrew's house. At home, Brenda starts to call Alice the Great before Little Bill does. As Alice the Great sings him a song, Little Bill starts crying. He gets picked up by Big Bill when he continues to cry, and says that everything will be okay. When Alice calls from the airport to tell them her flight is snowed in, Little Bill decides to write a last-minute letter to Santa Claus to cheer up. hoping his sleigh can make it through the bad weather and he can give Alice the Great a lift back. On Christmas morning, just as Little Bill is waking up April and Bobby because he thinks he hears Santa downstairs, Alice the Great comes walking in, explaining that after her flight was cancelled she got a ride from "someone who was coming this way."


  • The closing credits include the note "We Wish to Thank The Acorn School."
  • This is the second double-length episode in the series. The first was Little Bill's Adventure With Captain Brainstorm.
  • This episode's closing credits has a winter-themed background and in place of the normal credits theme, an instrumental of the Christmas Star Song plays.
  • David Burger, one of the editors for this special, is credited as "Duke" David Burger.
  • Xavier Pritchett, Ruby Dee, Phylicia Rashad and the late Gregory Hines receive "Featuring As" credits.
  • Though many children's shows featuring African-American characters choose to focus on Kwanzaa as a holiday, this episode does not. The Glover family celebrates only Christmas and no mention is made of Kwanzaa.

Trivia Edit

  • This is a only Season 3 episode and special where Little Bill cries.
  • Little Bill's family start to sing a Christmas Carol differently in the houses at Honeywod Street without Brenda since he wishes Alice the Great would be here.