The episode begins with a shot of Philadelphia covered in snow. Big Bill comes into the room and sings the Good Morning song to Little Bill and Michael. The boys get themselves awake and Big Bill opens the window. Little Bill is amazed at all of the snow that is outside. Michael comes to the window to look at the snow. Little Bill can't wait to make snowballs, snow angels, and snowmen. Michael notes that he's never seen snow before. Little Bill can't believe he's never seen snow. Michael says that in Florida it is hot and sunny all year round. Big Bill confirms that is true. Little Bill asks if it's even that way in the winter. Michael says that it is and he can go to beach in the winter. Little Bill imagines the beach in the winter with penguins walking around, polar bears playing with beach balls, and a snowman lying under an umbrella. Little Bill is snapped out of his imagination by Michael asking Little Bill if they can play in the snow. Little Bill says that they can. Big Bill tells the boys that they should get some breakfast first before they go outside. Little Bill agrees and the boys want oatmeal with apples. The boys go downstairs and they finish eating their breakfast. Little Bill asks if they can play in the snow. Big Bill says that they have to get something first.

The boys are confused, but Big Bill tells them that they need something warm. Little Bill realizes they need snow clothes. Little Bill and Michael run upstairs to get some on. Little Bill and Michael get their snow clothes on and go outside. Michael thinks it's beautiful outside and notes that the snow is like cake frosting. Little Bill holds out his tongue and starts to catch snowflakes with it. Michael is confused about what he's doing, but Little Bill tells him that he's catching snowflakes with his tongue. He tells Michael that it's okay to eat the snowflakes, but not the snow on the ground. Michael can't believe that he can eat snow and tries to catch some of them. Michael notes that the snow tastes snowy. Little Bill points to his bike and notes that it's covered in snow. Little Bill also points out the grill and table are covered with snow. The boys then spot some footprints. Michael asks who the footprints belong to. Little Bill suggests that they follow them. The footprints lead to a tree and they go up the tree. Little Bill and Michael see a squirrel hanging out in the tree. The squirrel jumps to the next branch and some of the snow falls on Little Bill and Michael's heads.

The boys laugh. Little Bill sees other footprints and wonders who they belong to. Michael thinks that they are their footprints. Little Bill thinks that it's a snow monster. Little Bill and Michael follow the footprints and they find April and Bobby have come outside. Little Bill and Michael pretend that April and Bobby are snow monsters and everyone chases each other around the yard. Bobby kneels down and makes a snowball. He laughs and then aims it at April. April turns to Bobby and tells him that he'd better not throw it at her. Bobby says he was only throwing it at the tree and he proceeds to do so. Little Bill tells Michael to make snowballs as well. Michael is able to make a snowball. Little Bill throws his snowball at the tree. Michael tries to throw his, but it goes straight up in the air and falls onto April's head. Michael laughs at what happened and April wipes the snow off. She laughs as well. Michael notes that he's starting to get cold. April tells Little Bill and Michael to look at the snowflakes. She notes that all of them are different and she shows the snowflakes that fell on her arm. April says that no snowflake is like any other snowflake. Bobby confirms that what April said is correct. Bobby says that snow is cold and he lies down to make a snow angel. Michael doesn't know what a snow angel is and Little Bill offers to show him. He also lies down and starts to make a snow angel with Bobby. Michael wants to make a snow angel too and he lies down to make one. Michael thinks the snow angels look great on the ground. Suddenly, Michael realizes that he got snow in his clothes and on the back of his neck. He doesn't like how cold it is on his neck. April asks Michael if he's alright. Michael asks everyone if they can go inside. Little Bill says that they still have to make a snowman. April and Bobby think that they should make a snow family with a snow mother, snow father, and snow kids. Michael doesn't want to make snowmen and tells Little Bill to come inside with him.

Little Bill says that they need to make a snowman family. Michael says that he's too cold and goes inside. Little Bill thinks that Michael isn't very fun in the snow. Bobby reminds Little Bill that Michael isn't used to the snow yet. April thinks that Michael is cold. Little Bill remarks that he has snow on him as well, but he isn't freezing. Bobby reminds Little Bill that some people don't like to get cold. April reminds Little Bill that everyone is different. Little Bill realizes that it's just like the snowflakes. Little Bill says he'll be right back. He tells April and Bobby he's going to help Michael get warmed up. Little Bill goes inside to find Michael trying to get the snow off of his clothes. Little Bill asks Michael if he's still feeling cold. Michael admits that he does feel cold. Little Bill says that he has a solution to that and tells Michael that hot chocolate will make him feel better. Big Bill agrees to make some hot chocolate for the boys so they can warm up. Bobby and April continue to work on the snowman outside. Later, Little Bill and Michael finish their hot chocolate. Big Bill hopes that the boys are feeling warm again. Michael says that the hot chocolate helped to warm him up again. Big Bill asks for a sip of hot chocolate and Little Bill lets him get a drink. Michael says he's warmed up again and ready to go make a snowman.

Little Bill says that they should go make a snow monster. They run back outside to find Bobby and April have finished their snow family. Bobby and April see that Little Bill and Michael are the snow monsters now and they play the snow monster game again. The episode ends with the four children playing in the snow. Later that night, Little Bill says that he and Michael made a snowman family today when the snow fell. He tells the audience that one day he is going to sleep over at Michael's house and he can sleep on his Captain Brainstorm sheets so he'll feel at home. Little Bill yawns and says that he hopes Michael's father knows how to make hot chocolate. Big Bill calls into the room and asks Little Bill who he's talking to. Little Bill laughs and the episode ends with Little Bill going to sleep.