"Miss Murray's Wedding"
Release Date
September 12, 2000
Episode number

Miss Murray's Wedding is an episode from Season 2 that originlly aired on September 12, 2000.


Brenda, Big Bill, and Little Bill go to the church so Little Bill can be the Ring Bearer in Miss Murray's wedding. He meets up with Kiku the flower girl and her grandmother, and they are all greeted by the groom, Dr. Winthrop Clinkscales, who gives the kids presents. He gave Kiku a flower clip to put on her dress and gives Little Bill a special pin with a little bear on it so he can still be the "Ring Bear." When the children have trouble pronouncing the doctor's name, he says it's all right if they still address the teacher as Miss Murray. When Kiku sprinkles flower petals down the aisle and Little Bill carries the rings, they see the bride walking down the aisle as Here Comes the Bride is being played. They don't recognize her because her face is covered by her veil. Dr. Clinkscales lifts the veil, and it turns out to be Miss Murray. Miss Murray and Dr. Clinkscales have a lovely ceremony, and as Brenda and Big Bill walk home, they tell Little Bill all about their own wedding. Little Bill remarks that he wishes he could have gone to that wedding -- for Alice the Great's famous chocolate cake.