"My Friend Isabel"
Release Date
July 30th 2003
Episode number

The episode starts with Little Bill telling his friends that his new friend, Isabel is going to stay with him that afternoon. Fuchsia, Andrew and Kiku are confused, and ask who is Isabel. Little bill tells them she sounds like an alien. Alice the Great's knee acted up and couldn't walk him home. Soon, Isabel shows up and little bill introduces her. And Andrew states that Isabel doesn't sound like an alien, to which Isabel says, "what do you mean I don't sound like an alien?" In her best alien-voice. After the two get home, Isabel stays and plays with little bill, but soon it starts to rain and Isabel gets up to go home. Little bill goes after her asks where she is going. Isabel sadly says she has to go home to study for a test she's having at school. Little bill is upset and angrily says he doesn't want Isabel to go as she's his new friend. Just then, alice the great shows up and asks what's going on. Little bill says that he's upset because Isabel is leaving. Isabel gets ready to leave and asks for a goodbye hug from little bill, but he angrily says no, and runs out of the room. Confused by his behavior, alice the great follows little bill, and tries to explain that Isabel can't always be around. Little bill still sulks, so alice the great tells Isabel that maybe another time would be good to come around. As Isabel walks out the door, little bill watches her go. Soon, his anger disappears and the episode end with him following Isabel and giving her a big hug. Isabel gets ready to leave and goes home.


The previous episode was "The New Babysitter".


Coming soon.

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