The Halloween Costume is an episode.


Little Bill decides he wants to dress up as his favorite superhero, Captain Brainstorm, for Halloween, but when Brenda takes him to Uncle Al's store, they're sold out of costumes. Little Bill begins to get upset. Brenda, Big Bill, April and Bobby try to cheer up Little Bill by suggesting other types of costumes to wear instead; Little Bill imagines himself in an adventure with Captain Brainstorm, who tells him to be creative when solving a problem. Little Bill gets inspired and pieces together parts from the other costumes-- Bobby's shoes, Big Bill's tool belt, April's wristbands, and Brenda's orange jumpsuit-- to create a homemade Captain Brainstorm costume.


  • Little Bill dresses up wearing a homemade Captain Brainstorm costume.
  • Bobby is Sherlock Holmes.
  • April is a firefighter.