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"The New Babysitter"
Release date
July, 30th, 2003
Episode number

Brenda and Big Bill Glover are going to a meeting at April's school, while Alice the Great has a doctor's appointment, so Little Bill will be getting a new babysitter: Mr. Rojas' niece, Isabel. Little Bill still misses his old babysitter, Mrs. Shapiro, so when Isabel arrives and asks what he wants to play, he skulks and says,"Nothing." Deciding to take the initiative, Isabel invents "The Nothing Game," saying he has to keep perfectly still, doing nothing, and the first one to move loses. This makes him laugh, so she offers to make dinner while he plays in his room. He finally warms up to her when he learns Isabel loves his favorite TV show, Space Explorers, and makes up a funny game playing "the friendly alien from the 4th galaxy meets Captain Brainstorm."


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