The Search is for the Sock is an episode.


The episode begins with Brenda taking a load of laundry into her room. Little Bill starts sneaking up behind her and laughs as he does. When Brenda walks out of the room, Little Bill jumps out and scares her. Brenda is startled, and Little Bill starts to laugh that he was able to scare Brenda. Brenda laughs and admits that Little Bill really did get her that time. She notes that she needs to keep her eyes on Little Bill from now on. Little Bill asks Brenda what she's doing. Brenda says that she's doing the laundry. She says that requires her to go to everyone's rooms and grab the dirty laundry. Little Bill notes April usually does the laundry. Brenda says that this was before she had to go to a special basketball practice today. Little Bill says that April is going to be a star at the game tomorrow. Brenda says that if they win it will be great and that is why she is doing April's chore for her. Little Bill says he's going to help her. He asks if he can get the rest of the laundry. Brenda says yes and tells him that she's been to all of the rooms except for April's. Little Bill tells her to come with him.

The two go into April's room. Little Bill says that he's going to sort the clothes into piles and pour the detergent in the laundry machine. He says that he did that with Big Bill several times. Brenda tells him that he can help her as much as he wants to. Little Bill promises he will. Brenda thanks him. Little Bill promises that he is going to be the best laundry helper ever. He starts to get some of April's clothes out of the hamper. Little Bill pulls out a shirt with a star on it that he says is April's basketball uniform. He pulls out her basketball shorts and the pulls out April's lucky socks with the stars on them. Brenda notes that April wears those socks when she's playing a game. Brenda asks if that's all of the laundry. Little Bill yells into the hamper if there are anymore clothes inside. He pretends that the hamper says no and then tells Brenda that the hamper said there were no more clothes. Brenda laughs and says okay. Little Bill reminds her that hampers don't talk and Brenda says that Little Bill got her again. She says they should go to the basement and get the laundry started.

Little Bill starts to sort out the different clothes that there are. He puts the colors in one pile and then the whites in the other pile. He grabs one of April's lucky socks, but the star on the sock is gold. He doesn't know which pile it goes in. Little Bill notes that the sock has both white and yellow on it so he doesn't know which pile it goes in. Brenda tells him that she washes the socks in the whites because the sock has more white on it than yellow. Little Bill says that's a very good idea and he puts it in the whites pile. Little Bill tells the socks to get extra clean so that April can win her game tomorrow. Little Bill pretends that one of the socks replies that it will. Brenda asks who is talking and asks Little Bill if the sock was talking. Little Bill tells her it was just him. Brenda can't believe that Little Bill fooled her again. Brenda notes that Little Bill did a good job sorting the clothes and asks if he wants to pour the detergent in the washer. Little Bill says he would love to do that. Little Bill pours the detergent in perfectly and he says he's a good laundry helper. Brenda agrees with him. She tells him that when the laundry is done she is going to take him out so he can get a nice ice cream cone. Little Bill is very happy about that. He asks if he can get chocolate. Brenda says that he can get whatever flavor he wants. Little Bill sings that he is going to get some chocolate.

After the laundry is done, Little Bill and Brenda sort it again. Little Bill puts a green sock on his hand and uses it to try and find the other green sock. Brenda says that she is glad they found each other. Little Bill says that he is too. Little Bill grabs one of April's lucky socks and looks for the other one. But when he looks in the sock pile, he determines that the other luck sock is missing. Little Bill informs Brenda that the other sock is missing. Brenda thinks that it might still be inside the washer or dryer and they head downstairs to look for it. However, when they look inside, it isn't in there. Little Bill is very upset. Brenda tells Little Bill not to worry and insists that socks get lost in the laundry all of the time. Little Bill says that the sock wouldn't have gotten lost if April would have been the one helping her this morning. Brenda says it's just a sock. Little Bill says that it's April's lucky sock and she is going to need it for her basketball game tomorrow. Little Bill calls out for the sock and he wonders if it's hiding from them. He imagines that the other lucky song is hiding from him in the hallway, in the living room, and then behind the sofa. Little Bill says that he knows that it's hiding from him. He's snapped out of his imagination and he says that the sock is somewhere in the house and he is going to find it.

Little Bill looks in the kitchen for the lucky sock and thinks it's under the drawer. He pulls something out from under the counter, but it isn't lucky sock. Little Bill takes it out to Brenda and notes he found something with diamonds on it. Brenda notes she's been missing the hair clip for a long time. Little Bill says that it's nice and sparkly. Brenda thanks Little Bill for finding. Little Bill tells her she's welcome and then says that he has to find the lucky sock now.

Little Bill looks in the living room and looks under the furniture. He looks under the drawer and he finds something in the shape of a wand. Little Bill thinks it looks interesting and he thinks that it's gold. He tries to find Brenda, and notices that April is home from basketball practice. April says hello to Little Bill. Little Bill says hello as well. April asks what he's doing. Little Bill says he's looking for something. April asks what it is. Little Bill doesn't want to tell her that he lost her lucky sock and says that it's just something. Brenda comes in and asks April how her basketball practice was. April says it was good and she thinks they'll win tomorrow. Brenda asks Little Bill what else he found. Little Bill shows it to her and Brenda notes that it belongs to April. April remembers that this was her perfect attendance award that she got for second grade. Little Bill is happy he found it. April notes she lost it awhile ago and thanks Little Bill for finding it. Little Bill finally tells April that he lost one of her lucky socks. April is confused. Brenda says that Little Bill was doing the laundry with her and one of her lucky basketball socks is missing. April isn't mad about it and tells Little Bill that she appreciates him looking for it. She notes she can always get another pair. She notes that if Little Bill wouldn't have been looking for her sock he wouldn't have found her attendance pin. Little Bill realizes that April is right. Brenda notes that the laundry is done and asks who wants to go get ice cream. April says she does. Little Bill sighs and he says that he wanted to be the best laundry helper but he lost the sock. Brenda says that he still deserves the ice cream for putting his best effort into finding it. Little Bill asks what effort is. Brenda informs him that effort is how hard a person tries to do something and Little Bill definitely did his best to find it. April says that Brenda is right. Brenda says it's time to go get ice cream and walks in front of April and Little Bill. When she does, Little Bill notices the sock is on Brenda's back. Brenda looks behind herself and realizes that it is. She notes that Little Bill really is the best laundry helper she's ever had. Little Bill is glad that they found the sock. April says it's time to get ice cream. The episode ends with the three of them going to get some ice cream.