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The Violin Lesson is an episode.


The story begins with Little Bill, Andrew, and Kiku drinking apple juice in the kitchen with Alice the Great. Andrew and Kiku finish their glasses quickly, but Little Bill starts blowing bubbles in his. Alice the Great tells Little Bill to please finish his glass of apple juice and he does as he's told. Alice the Great asks them if they've all had enough. The three kids say that they have. Andrew wants to play Space Invaders when they're done. Little Bill says he wants to be Captain Brainstorm. Kiku says she's Lieutenant Mascara who is all tough all the time. Andrew is going to play Sparky the dog. Andrew says he's half dog and half robot. Alice the Great does Sparky's bark back to Andrew and says it's good to see him too. Bobby comes in the door and all of the children greet him. Andrew does his Sparky bark to Bobby. Little Bill asks if he wants to play with them and Kiku says that he can be the three-eyed space monster. Bobby says that he can't. Andrew begs him to play, and Little Bill notes that he's the best monster of them all. Bobby says that he can't because he has to practice his violin. Little Bill asks what a violin is. Bobby says that a violin is a stringed musical instrument that he is learning to play at school. Alice the Great suggests Bobby show the violin to them. Bobby opens the case and Little Bill admits that it's really pretty. The kids ask that he play music on it right now. Bobby says he will play for them later because he has to practice a new song right now. The kids say goodbye and run outside to play the space invaders game.

The kids go out back and play Space Invaders. They pretend that they are approaching a star and they are coming in for a landing. Kiku asks Little Bill where they have landed. Little Bill giggles and says that they've landed on the slow planet. He says that on this planet everyone has to do everything slow. The group walks around very slowly and Andrew does his Sparky bark really slow as well. Little Bill says that they need to find the three-eyed space monster. They look across the yard to find Mrs. Shapiro and her cat staring at them at the window. Mrs. Shapiro says hello and the kids say hello really slowly. Mrs. Shapiro plays along and asks why they are saying things so slowly. Little Bill says that they are on the slow planet. Mrs. Shapiro understands and tells them slowly to have fun. Everyone laughs.

Before they can continue, everyone hears a noise that sounds awful to the children's ears. Little Bill wonders what that noise is. Kiku says that it's probably the three-eyed space monster. The group starts walking around the yard and mimicking the noise that is being made. Little Bill wants to know what the sound is. Andrew notes that it's coming from upstairs in his house. Kiku says it sounds like a squeaky door. Little Bill thinks it also sounds like a fire truck. Alice the Great comes out and notes they must be having a lot of fun. Little Bill says that they're making noise like the one that's coming from upstairs. Alice the Great says that's not noise, but Bobby practicing his violin. Alice the Great tells Andrew and Kiku that it is time for them to go home. Kiku and Andrew are disappointed because they were having so much fun outside. Alice the Great says that they can come back tomorrow. The two agree and tell Little Bill goodbye.

Later that evening, the group sits around the table to eat roast beef. While the family eats, Little Bill takes his fork and starts scratching it against his plate. He starts to make noise that is similar to Bobby's violin practice earlier that day. Big Bill and Brenda notice what Little Bill is doing and ask what he's doing. Little Bill says he's being a violin. Bobby looks at Little Bill and Big Bill is a little confused at why Little Bill thinks a violin sounds like that. Little Bill says it sounds just like how Bobby was playing earlier. Bobby is very upset because he thinks Little Bill is making fun of him. He asks his parents if he can be excused so he can go to his room. Brenda tells Bobby he can go to his room. Little Bill asks what's wrong with Bobby. Brenda says that she thinks Bobby's feelings are hurt. Little Bill asks why Bobby's feelings are hurt. April tells Little Bill that Bobby thought that Little Bill was making fun of him. Little Bill assures her that he wasn't. Brenda notes that Bobby thought he was. Big Bill says that the sounds Little Bill was making that he said was a violin made Bobby upset. Little Bill insists he wasn't making fun of Bobby. Brenda says that she knows, but adds that Bobby has been practicing so he can get better at playing the violin. April says that Bobby is trying to learn a new song so that's why it might not have sounded as good. Little Bill insists he was only playing. Brenda says that sometimes people can hurt people's feelings even though they don't mean to. April says that once she said something that hurt one of her friends' feelings. April says that even though she didn't mean to hurt her friend's feelings, it still happened. Little Bill asks if he should tell Bobby he's sorry. Brenda says that would be a very good idea. Little Bill asks if someone will come with him. April says that she will.

Little Bill and April arrive in Bobby's room and ask if they can come in. Bobby asks what they want. April tells Bobby that Little Bill didn't mean to hurt his feelings at the dinner table. Little Bill confirms this. Bobby says his feelings weren't hurt. Little Bill is confused. April says that he looked like he was hurt. Little Bill says that he's sorry even if Bobby's feelings weren't hurt. April tells Bobby that there's nothing wrong with him saying that his feelings were hurt and since Little Bill is sorry he may as well admit it. Little Bill starts to sing the "I'm Sorry" song really loudly and April tells him that he can just say it. Little Bill says he's sorry. Bobby says whatever and still doesn't acknowledge that he was hurt. Little Bill asks Bobby if he can show April his violin. Bobby doesn't say anything and Little Bill shows April Bobby's violin. April thinks it looks cool. Little Bill asks if he can hold it. Bobby says he can and Little Bill starts to strum on it like a guitar. Bobby smiles and says that's not the way you hold one. He tells Little Bill to put one of his hands on the neck of the violin. He then tucks the other part of the violin under Little Bill's chin. Little Bill thinks it tickles under his neck. Bobby gives him the bow so he can play it. He tells Little Bill to try it. Little Bill takes the bow along the violin and it makes the same noise that it did when Bobby played it earlier. Little Bill asks if he's doing it right. Bobby says he sort of is, but if he practices at it he'll get better at playing it. April tells Bobby to play a song. Bobby says no. April tells Bobby to play a song that he already knows and both of them beg him to play. Bobby agrees and he takes the violin. He plays "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". Little Bill knows the song and starts to sing along as Bobby plays. They imagine that they are looking out at the stars as they play the song. April and Bobby think that it sounds very good. Bobby says that it was the first song he learned and it's now easy for him to play it. April notes that as long as Bobby continues to practice, he will be able to play his new song just as well. Bobby thanks April. April says she's going downstairs to get dessert and starts to sing as she walks away. Little Bill asks Bobby if he wants dessert. Bobby says he does. He tells Little Bill that his feelings honestly were hurt before at the table. Little Bill says he knows and says that he is sorry. Bobby says that apologizing to him made him feel better. Little Bill agrees that it made him feel better. Bobby tells Little Bill that the last one down to the table is a three-eyed space monster. Little Bill laughs and the episode ends with the two of them running downstairs.


  • This is the second time where Little Bill sings the I'm Sorry song. The first was in Just a Baby.