The episode begins at school with the children taking care of the baby rabbits. They are starting to grow bigger and children think they are all cute. They talk about which ones are the cutest of all. Little Bill starts hopping around the room like a rabbit. Miss Murray comes over and asks the children what they are doing. Fuchsia tells Miss Murray that they named all of the rabbits. Fuchsia says that the white rabbit's name is Rosy because her nose is rose colored. Kiku holds one that has a ring around his eye and says that this one is named Ringo. Little Bill is holding a rabbit named Harvey. Andrew says that the rest are named Peter, Spot, Brownie, Daisy, and Malcolm. Miss Murray likes their names. Little Bill tells Miss Murray that on the rabbits' birthday, they can put all of their names on a large cake. Miss Murray tells the children that they probably won't celebrate their birthdays. The children are upset and ask why they can't. Miss Murray reminds the children that they can't take care of all the rabbits because they already have Dwayne and Wabbit to take care of. Little Bill tells Miss Murray that the rabbits like it at the school. Miss Murray tells the rabbits that they have to find another home for the rabbits to live at. Little Bill wonders where the babies are going to live. Fuchsia states that they have to be around nice people that will take care of them. Little Bill hopes that they go to a place where they can hop around and be happy. Kiku says that they'll have carrots and water. Andrew hopes that they will be able to go to a place together where they can visit and play with the rabbits. Little Bill asks if he could keep the rabbits at his house. The other kids agree to ask their parents to see if they'll let them have a rabbit. At the house, Little Bill starts hopping around the room while Big Bill tries to read the newspaper. Little Bill tells Big Bill to look at him hop. Big Bill tells Little Bill that they already had the discussion and they've determined that they can't take care of all of the rabbits. Little Bill says that they are cute and can wiggle their noses. He adds that they are furry and fun to play with. Big Bill states that eight rabbits are a lot to take care of. Little Bill states that the more there are the more fun they can have. Little Bill says that they could hop all over the house. Little Bill imagines that he is hopping around the house with the rest of the rabbits in the living room. The rabbits are on the furniture and on the couch. Little Bill begs Big Bill to let him keep the rabbits. Big Bill says that their house would have to be a zoo in order to keep all of the rabbits and tells Little Bill that they can't keep them. Little Bill hops away with a sad look on his face. Little Bill asks Big Bill if he could keep one of the baby rabbits. Big Bill reminds Little Bill that he already has a pet to take care of in Elephant. Little Bill is still disappointed and tells Big Bill he needs to go find a place for Wabbit's babies to live. The next day, Alice the Great and Little Bill are walking to school. Alice the Great notes that Little Bill has been quiet all morning and asks him what is wrong. Little Bill tells Alice the Great that he can't keep any of Wabbit's babies. Little Bill looks up and sees Ms. Linda and Ms. Johari's hair salon. He thinks that they might be able to keep the rabbits. Alice the Great says that they are very nice to him and they would be nice to the rabbits. He also thinks that the rabbits could live in the beauty parlor and he could visit them every day. Alice the Great doesn't know if they would be interested and says eight rabbits in a beauty parlor is a lot. Little Bill and Alice the Great greet Linda and Johari. Little Bill asks the women if they like rabbits. Johari says that she loves rabbits and remembers that she had one when she was younger named Super Stanley. Little Bill tells them about the baby rabbits in their classroom and that they need a new home. Little Bill asks if they can live at the beauty parlor. Johari says that she likes rabbits, but they can't live in a beauty parlor. Little Bill is very disappointed and leaves. Outside, Alice the Great tells Little Bill that he had a good idea, but promises him that everything will work out fine for the rabbits. Little Bill sees Percy's pet shop and he knows that Percy likes animals. Alice the Great notes that Percy does like animals, but he already has a lot to take care of. Little Bill says that he could still visit the rabbits here and suggests that they ask. They walk inside and greet Percy. Percy asks Little Bill about Wabbit's babies. Little Bill tells Percy that the rabbits are great, but they can't live in the classroom anymore. He asks Percy if the rabbits can live with him in the pet store. Percy says that people come to the pet store to buy pets and while he would have them for a little while, they would eventually be sold. Little Bill says that he wants a place where he can visit the rabbits all the time. Percy reminds Little Bill that this is a pet store and isn't a zoo. Little Bill is disappointed and leaves. At school, Fuchsia, Kiku, and Andrew tells Little Bill that their parents all said no about keeping the rabbits. Little Bill says that everyone keeps telling him that their places are not zoos. Little Bill says that everyone told him they needed a zoo. Little Bill gets the hint and thinks that they should send the baby rabbits to the zoo. He realizes that there are lots of animals that live at the zoo. Fuchsia thinks it's a good idea and Andrew knows that they have a lot of room. Kiku knows that the animals will be taken care of and fed well. Little Bill calls Miss Murray over and tells her that they should take the baby rabbits to the zoo. Miss Murray thinks that the petting zoo would love to have the rabbits. She says that she'll call the zoo and thanks them for the great idea. Later, the children travel to the zoo to see the baby rabbits. Miss Murray states that the rabbits really do look happy and healthy at the zoo. The children point out their favorite rabbits. Little Bill asks Miss Murray if they can play with them. Miss Murray says that they can and they head into the petting zoo. The children sit down with the rabbits for a little while, but then they have to leave. Little Bill asks Miss Murray if they can come back and see the rabbits soon. Miss Murray says that they can come back another day. The children are happy and the episode ends with all of them sitting together. Later that night, Little Bill is in bed. He shows the audience a picture of his family when he was in his mother's tummy. He says that Wabbit's babies were in her tummy as well. Little Bill is glad that they got to play with them and they have a nice new home at the zoo. Little Bill says that they are happy where they are at and they get to play with them all the time. Alice the Great calls into the room and asks Little Bill who he's talking to. Little Bill laughs and the episode ends with Little Bill going to sleep.