The episode begins at school when Miss Murray gathers up the children to tell them their job for the day. Fuchsia's job is to make sure that everyone lines up for recess. Andrew's job is to clean the blackboard erasers. Little Bill gets to take care of the rabbits. Little Bill says that he's going to go give the rabbits food and water. He hops over to the cage to see them. Little Bill greets the rabbits and pets the gray one. He gives them food and water to drink. When he talks to the brown rabbit and gives it a carrot, it doesn't want to eat. Little Bill doesn't understand what is wrong. Little Bill calls to Miss Murray and tells her that the rabbit won't let him pet it or eat the food. Miss Murray tries to feed the rabbit a carrot, but it still won't eat it. Miss Murray tells Little Bill to leave the carrot in the cage because the rabbit probably isn't hungry. Miss Murray notices something and tells Little Bill that they need to leave the rabbit alone right now. She tells Little Bill that she is going to call the veterinarian to come in and take care of the rabbit. Miss Murray assures Little Bill that the rabbit will be fine. Little Bill hopes so.

After school, Little Bill and Alice the Great walk home for the evening. Little Bill tells Alice the Great about the rabbit that wouldn't eat or allow to be petted. Alice the Great doesn't think the rabbit was hungry. Little Bill tells Alice the Great that the rabbit is always hungry. They walk by Percy's Pet Store where they bought Elephant and Little Bill realizes that they bought the rabbits from the store as well. Little Bill thinks Percy might know what's wrong with the rabbit. Alice the Great and Little Bill walk into the store to see Percy. Percy greets Little Bill and asks him how the hamster is doing. Little Bill tells Percy that the hamster's name is Elephant and he's doing great. Percy notes that's a big name for a little hamster. Little Bill tells Percy that the rabbit at school won't eat and won't allow anyone to pet it. He states that the rabbit always let them play with him. Percy tells Little Bill that he'll come to school with him tomorrow to explain everything. Little Bill thanks him and says that he'll see him tomorrow. Percy wonders what he is going to say to them.

The next morning, Percy arrives at the school. Little Bill asks Percy if the rabbit is alright. Percy says that the rabbit is fine and tells them that he has two surprises for them. Kiku likes surprises and asks what they are. Percy says that his first surprise is that the rabbit is a girl. Miss Murray says that she was told that she bought two boy rabbits. Percy says that sometimes it's hard to tell the difference and apologizes for the mistake. He says that the other surprise is that the rabbit is going to have babies. The children are very excited about this. Percy says that the other rabbit, Dwayne, is the father. Kiku says that Dwayne and Wabbit are going to take care of their baby like her parents take care of her. Percy says that Wabbit is going to have more than one baby. The children are excited because they're all going to get one to play with. Kiku thinks that she'll have one hundred babies. The children start to pretend that the babies are piling up and filling the whole room. The kids are snapped out of their imagination. Percy says that rabbits have a lot of babies, but not as many as they think. He says they could have anywhere from six to eight babies. Miss Murray notes that's a lot of rabbits for one classroom. Little Bill is excited for all of the baby rabbits. Percy tells the children that he has to take Wabbit back to the store with him. Percy says that he wants to keep an eye on her. Little Bill asks if Wabbit is going to be alright. Percy assures them that Wabbit is going to be fine. The children say goodbye to Wabbit.

At the house, Little Bill tells Brenda that he is worried about Wabbit and asks if she is going to be alright. Brenda tells Little Bill that having a baby is one of the most natural events in the world. Brenda says that she had April, Bobby, and Little Bill and she is fine. She promises Little Bill that Wabbit will be fine. Little Bill tells Brenda that Wabbit is going to have a lot of babies. Brenda tells Wabbit that she is going to be excited to see all of them like she was excited to see him. She picks up a picture and asks Little Bill who he thinks is in her tummy. Little Bill doesn't know. Brenda says it is him. Little Bill is confused and asks Brenda why he was in her stomach. Brenda says that he was growing, eating, and sleeping. She says that when she ate something she sent the best food to him. Little Bill thanks Brenda and asks if she ate pizza. Brenda says that she did. Brenda asks Little Bill if he wants to see what he looked like in her belly. She grabs Little Bill's baby book and shows him the picture of him in the uterus. Little Bill asks if it looks like him. Brenda notes that he is a lot bigger now. She tells Little Bill that she was happy to get this picture because it's her first picture of him. Little Bill asks if the babies are in Wabbit's tummy. Brenda says that they are and tells Little Bill that he did a smart thing by talking to Percy about Wabbit. Brenda says Percy knows everything about animals and he knows how to take care of her. Little Bill hopes that Percy brings Wabbit back to the classroom tomorrow so they can see all of the babies.

The next day at school, Little Bill, Andrew, Fuchsia, and Kiku play with Dwayne. Miss Murray tells the children that Percy is here. Percy comes into the classroom with a cage covered with a blanket. The children are excited to see him. Percy tells everyone has something for them. The kids think that Wabbit had her babies and they want to see them. Percy says that they can, but tells everyone to stay quiet while they look. He takes off the cover and shows them the babies. Fuchsia notes that the rabbits don't look anything like Dwayne and Wabbit. Percy tells the kids that when they get older they will start to look more like Wabbit and Dwayne. Fuchsia asks Percy if they'll eat carrots. Percy tells the children that the babies are only going to want to drink their mother's milk. The children say hello to the babies. Fuchsia notes that the rabbits' eyes are closed. Percy tells Fuchsia that the babies will open their eyes in a few days. They count the rabbits and they realize that Wabbit had eight babies. Kiku says that they have more rabbits than any of them can keep. Miss Murray says that when the baby rabbits get bigger, they are going to have to find a new home for them to live. The episode ends with the children saying hello to the baby rabbits.